Alliance Boxing is incorporated as a non-profit organization and provides both structured competitive development and recreational programming to inner-city youth free of charge.

Alliance Boxing uses the appeal of amateur boxing to engage financially and socially disadvantaged youth in a structured program that promotes a healthy lifestyle. The youth in the program are at high risk of becoming involved in anti-social and criminal behaviour if not afforded the opportunity of a high quality alternative. Alliance Boxing seeks to provide a safe, structure and supportive environment where participants are exposed not only to sport, but also the positive role models of dedicated volunteers, athletes and coaches.

Alliance Boxing Inc.’s goal is to remove the social and economic barriers so that disadvantaged youth of Winnipeg will have the same opportunities as other youth to develop and grow through sport.

Winnipeg has the highest percentage of Aboriginal gangs in Canada and Alliance youth being socially and economically disadvantaged are ideal recruiting grounds for the Manitoba Warriors and Indian Posse street gangs as well as all of the other criminal activity that occurs in the core area of Winnipeg. Participation in a positive alternative like Alliance Boxing Inc. gives these kids a positive choice that will help them develop both athletic and life skills that will benefit them both now, but more importantly in the future.

Mission Statement
It is Alliance Boxing Club Inc.’s mission to provide the inner-city youth of Winnipeg an activity and safe environment that promotes and enhances the physical and emotional well-being and social development of young athletes, develops individual athletic skills, life skills, work ethic, discipline, sportsmanship, self-respect, and pride as these young inner-city kids struggle to find their way in society.

Alliance Boxing Inc. hopes to give our youth experience as individuals and teach them the necessary skills they need to grow in their lives outside of boxing. Our motto, “It’s Bigger than Boxing”, is very important to Alliance Boxing Inc. and we will continue to remove any barriers our youth must face as they struggle to overcome all of the obstacles they face in life.


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