What’s Good about Alliance?
Alliance Boxing offers an opportunity for underprivileged and disadvantaged inner-city youth to be exposed to positive life skills while participating in a worthwhile activity.

The programs offer an alternative to today’s youth by keeping them off the streets, and eliminating the many temptations to become involved in drug and gang related activities. As an alternative, Alliance Boxing provides lifetime experiences by developing positive social, physical and life skills program to the inner city youth of Winnipeg free of charge.

Our Programs:

Competitive Boxing Program
Inner city youth are exposed to a structured competitive training program that allows the athletes the opportunity to compete against athletes from Canada and the United States. These athletes follow a structured development-training program as well as a competitive schedule that allows them to fulfill their goals and dreams in the sport of boxing.

Recreational Boxing Program
Inner city youth are offered a program that allows them to experience all the positive aspects of a competitive training program. These youth develop at a rate of their choice and experience all of the benefits of our competitive program but have chosen to enjoy the activity and are not interested in competition.

Nutritional Program
All our athletes are exposed to a nutritionist that educates them to the benefits and importance of eating properly. Our youth are exposed to the value of money while shopping for food. They are educated to pursue the best quality/value for their “dollar”. Nutritional snacks are provided to all participants and all of our competitive athletes are prepared for positive performance by having their own nutritional program.

Mentorship Program
In this program, we try to educate our youth by providing them with reading material and workbooks with the goal to improve their scholastic skills.

We expose the youth of Alliance Boxing to various community projects that provide them with the opportunity to give back to the community, like serving meals to the homeless of Winnipeg.

We offer career seminars where we bring in various professionals to speak to the youth about job opportunities for the future.

Our older youth are partnered with the younger in “Big Brother/Sister” relationship where they are expected to spend quality time together, assisting with homework, going to the movies, or out to lunch in addition to coaching.

Stay in School Program
This attendance encourages full attendance and full time training. The importance of education is the key to this program, and our youth are rewarded for positive school values as well as full training.

Elder/History Program
Many of our urban aboriginals have no idea about their culture, so Alliance Boxing takes the opportunity to expose our athletes to cultural activities involving an elder to educate them on the importance of their history and their identity. We provide these opportunities to the youth of Alliance Boxing throughout the competitive season.

Why All the Programs?
Alliance Boxing hopes to make a difference in these youth’s lives by exposing them to various different programs.

The goal is to provide the necessary education and information so that these inner-city youth have the knowledge to make right choices in life, and make a positive contribution to society.

Alliance Boxing Annual 2002 Christmas Party

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